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Stars of 'The Passage' reveal behind the scenes look at filming in Atlanta

If you’re obsessed with zombies or believe we will one day face an apocalypse, this story is for you!

ATLANTA — If you’re obsessed with zombies or believe we will one day face an apocalypse, this story is for you! 

That world comes alive in the latest zombie show filmed right here in Georgia! 

The A-Scene’s Francesca Amiker got a chance to speak with the stars of “The Passage” recently and learned just what they loved about turning Atlanta into a world where scientists experiment with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure for all disease – or wipe out an entire nation. 

"We’re looking at a global pandemic. You get exposed at breakfast and your dead by dinner. I’ve got something. No one‘s gonna like it though," Caroline Chikezie said. 

But when Amy Bellafonte, a young girl played by Saniyya Sidney, is chosen as the next test subject, a federal agent defies his duty at all costs. 

“We did the pilot months ago and came back and did four months in a row, and I just love the vibe of the city,” Jamie McShane who stars as Dr. Tim Fanning said. 

“I love Atlanta. I always come here and go to The Coca-Cola Factory that's my go to place. I literally go there all the time,” Sidney said.  

The star also spent a considerable amount of time at the soda destination while filming “Hidden Figures”.


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“The fun part was there's a lot of transplants from LA on the crew. So, I worked with people on our show,  I’d worked with in LA. It was like a mini family reunion, “Mark Paul Gosselaar said. 

The former “Saved By The Bell” star plays  Federal Agent Brad Wolgast. His character is tasked with bringing Amy Bellafonte to Project NOAH.

 Ultimately, however, Wolgast becomes her surrogate father, trying to protect her at any cost.

Caroline Chikezie plays Major Nichole Sykes, lead scientist of Project NOAH.

“It’s a very dangerous situation that we’re in and as you can imagine, everything goes wrong,” Chikezie said.

But aside from the fictional town, the actress, who is originally from Nigeria, found comfort in working in Georgia’s Stone Mountain.

“Atlanta felt like home. I went to Whole Foods and I could get soul food and my hair products and I was like this is home,” Chekezie said.

While reflecting about her off time on set, she Caroline revealed a lot of self-care is involved. 

“When I was filming I had to make sure I didn't pig out on sugar and food that would bring my energy down. So, number one self-care,” Chikezie said. 

Her co-star Vincent Piazza who plays Clark Richard agrees.

“Because once you start its 8-day episodes for 3 months so once you’re on that treadmill, its nonstop. So, make sure you’re checking in with yourself,” Piazza said.  

Brianne Howey stars as Shauna Babcock, she recalled spending time in the surrounding areas of Georgia during her time working here.

“Shooting on locations like going to summer camp. You’re away from family alone but being independent is good. I went on road trips, explored Tennessee. it’s awesome,” Babcock said.

You can catch ‘The Passage’ on FOX every Monday night.

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