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Social media videos, pictures, and rap lyrics used as evidence in indictment against 26 alleged gang members

The evidence outlined in the indictment includes Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube posts from some of the alleged members, most of which are still accessible today.

ATLANTA — An intricate web of crimes, allegedly committed by the Drug Rich Gang, appears to be untangled through the use of social media.

On Monday, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis announced her office formally brought RICO charges against 26 alleged gang members. The gang is suspected of targeting celebrities and influencers for burglaries and home invasions.

In a 94-page indictment, a series of crimes were laid out by the DA’s office, including kidnapping, robbing, shooting, possession of illegal weapons, and terroristic threats. While Willis said the suspects used social media to target their victims who flaunted wealth online, it appears social media is also the undoing of the gang’s alleged activity.

“They use things like prescription bottles and money symbols in their jewelry and tattoos and we see that present here,” Willis said during a press conference on Monday.

The evidence outlined in the indictment includes Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube posts from some of the alleged members, most of which are still accessible today. The DA’s office said this evidence shows the alleged members used the platforms to promote their enterprise.

The indictment states the gang, which is also stylized Drug Rich, was founded by suspect, Atlanta-based rapper Dalemonte Stilley. Stilley, according to the documents, gained notoriety by using the gang’s symbols in jewelry, clothing and songs. The most common symbol included the letters “RX” as well as monopoly symbols.

Using those symbols, the DA’s office started connecting the alleged gang members together, through social media posts going back to 2021.

Defendant Kenzel Walker, goes by the name Clair Voyant on Facebook, according to the indictment. On the page, a photo is posted with Walker holding money while wearing a “monopoly man” chain. Walker is one of the suspects accused of breaking into Mariah Carey’s home, as well as allegedly attempting to break into homes with Malachi Davis and other suspects.

Alleged member Robert Gunter, going by @eabrickz on Instagram, posted a photo of him holding a handgun while wearing an “RX” hat and “RX” chain, which the DA’s office said is an act of furthering the conspiracy to commit crimes. Gunter is suspected of attempted burglary of Atlanta United’s Brad Guzman’s home, as well as a home invasion in October of 2021.

Suspect Talen Barnes, going by the username @yettebaby_1 on Instagram, posted a photo in February of 2022, standing with people holding guns and wearing jewelry with the “RX” insignia. Barnes also appeared in a video posted on YouTube with lyrics stating “stickin ****** up, how you think I got these kicks on my feet,” and “creepin’ in our back door, ***** I’m on my tiptoes, take your ****, then I sell it to my big bros.” Barnes is accused of attempted murder and burglary on July 4, 2022.

Previously mentioned Malachi Davis, suspected of attempting to break into a home in July of 2022, appears to go by @rx.paco on Instagram. The account shows a photo posted with the caption “if you ever say it’s up wit me this on RX that **** ain’t coming down.” Davis also has an “RX” tattoo on his face.

While this is just a snapshot of the evidence pulled from the social media accounts of the suspects, Willis believes it helps connect each suspect to each other and the multiple crimes.

“RICO is a tool that allows a prosecutor’s office and law enforcement to tell the whole story. We use it as a tool so they can have all the information they need to make a wise decision,” Willis explained.

The DA’s office used similar evidence against Young Thug, Gunna and members of the alleged YSL gang in the May indictment of the rappers and 25 others. Legal experts' opinions differed on whether rap lyrics can or cannot be used as strong proof of crimes.


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