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Tips to get COVID-19 vaccine through a pharmacy

The CEO of the Georgia Pharmacy Association shares three ways to help people get the vaccine.

ATLANTA — As days go by, more and more pharmacies are joining the COVID-19 vaccination effort. 

Last week, Kroger, Publix and Ingles joined in and right now out of the 430 independent pharmacies that are members of the Georgia Pharmacy Association, 43 are distributing the vaccine. Like one in Woodstock, where the CEO of the association, Bob Coleman, got his vaccine last week.

Coleman has three tips to getting a vaccine through a pharmacy in Georgia. 

1. Be persistent.

Reach out to your own pharmacy, even if it's not listed on the Department of Public Health vaccine locator site.

"Encourage people to keep looking. it's not just that list, I know for a fact there's more pharmacies that have the vaccine than are on the list today," said Coleman.

2. Be willing to travel. 

The nearest available vaccine from a pharmacy may be a bit of a drive.

"If you're in a rural area in Georgia, there are people with excess (vaccines) and no waiting so it depends a lot on where you are," said Coleman. 

3. Be patient. 

Coleman said the supply of vaccines should be getting better. 

"There's more vaccine coming- we're only dealing with two vaccines that have been approved Pfizer and Moderna, it's my understanding that Johnson and Johnson and Astra Zeneca product may be coming out soon, so you're going to see more," said Coleman.

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