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Former SunTrust Bank worker may stolen more than 1 million clients' personal information

The bank has not identified any significant fraudulent activity, the bank said.

ATLANTA -- Up to 1.5 million SunTrust Bank clients' personal information, such as names, phone numbers and account balances may have been stolen by a former employee, the bank said Friday.

Bank officials said personal identification information such as Social Security numbers, account numbers, PINs, user IDs, passwords or driver’s license information was not exposed.

SunTrust said it is working with outside experts and coordinating with law enforcement, and offering free identity protection services to customers who sign up for its Experian IDnotify™ service.

The bank did not comment on where the theft occurred or if there was any specific geographic area where it happened.

"The company became aware of potential theft by a former employee of information from some of its contact lists," said SunTrust Chairman and CEO Bill Rogers. "Although the investigation is ongoing, SunTrust is proactively notifying approximately 1.5 million clients that certain information, such as name, address, phone number and certain account balances may have been exposed.

"While we have not identified significant fraudulent activity, we will reinforce our promise to clients that they will not be held responsible for any loss on their accounts as a result,” Rogers said.

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