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‘In it for the long haul’ | Neighborhood shopping market perseveres in spite of shopping surges

The Historic South Atlanta neighborhood market keeps its doors open and shelves stocked to meet community needs.

ATLANTA — Five years ago, Carver Neighborhood Market opened its doors in an effort to provide affordable local produce and food to the up-and-coming yet under-resourced Historic South Atlanta neighborhood.

However, five days ago, they found themselves to be a crucial resource to their neighborhood as residents dealt with the anxiety surrounding the coronavirus. 

After the COVID-19 task force declaration last week, big box stores and area supermarkets had their shelves picked clean on Friday and Saturday in an unprecedented shopping surge that rivaled Black Friday crowds, Carver Market became the most viable option and necessary resource for the local community. 

Credit: Carver Neighborhood Market in Historic South Atlanta

Carver Neighborhood Market’s manager, Jeff Delp, talked with My East Atlanta News about how they were holding up for the past several days.

“Usually a neighborhood like ours, Historic South Atlanta, has the worst access to food, so it was interesting on Friday and Saturday is that we actually had the best access to food. People were coming to our neighborhood because we actually had it. So that script got flipped on Friday and Saturday.”

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While supply lines have been strained since the COVID-19 task force declarations last Friday, Carver Neighborhood Market has managed to keep their doors open while also keeping vigilant to their employees and community’s needs. The operators of the market want to affirm that they are going to be in it for the ‘long haul.’

For more information about the Carver Neighborhood Market and Focused Community Strategies, visit their website.

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We will track the most important coronavirus elements relating to Georgia on this page. Refresh often for new information. 

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