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East Point leads the charge in passing face mask legislation

Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham signed an order on Monday mandating use in city limits.

EAST POINT, Ga. — East Point City Leaders wants its residents to know that they’ve got them covered - literally.

As of 12 a.m. July 9, the Face Mask Ordinance went into effect and will remain in effect under the declared state of emergency related to COVID-19.

The East Point City Council voted to pass the ordinance 6-2 during their meeting on July 6, making East Point the first city government in Fulton County to pass such a law.

“Our numbers [of COVID-19]are increasing. We look at the data in East Point as of July 1, we had 227 cases, and within the last 14 days, the new case count was 52,” says Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham to My East Point News. “That’s substantially higher than anything that we have seen thus far.”

Credit: East Point City Hall is quiet during pandemic

Under the ordinance, face masks or facial coverings WILL BE required in the following public settings:

  • Commercial establishments. This does not apply to religious establishments, although use is strongly recommended
  • All restaurants, retail stores, salons, barbershops, grocery stores, and pharmacies. All employees are required to wear a face covering or mask at all times while engaging with the public.
  • All establishments subject to this ordinance must post a sign in a clearly visible location near the front entrance notifying the public that per the ordinance, all persons must wear a mask or face covering and that violators are subject to a fine of up to $75.

Face masks or facial coverings WILL NOT BE required in the following:

  • Personal vehicles
  • Alone in an enclosed space or with other members of their household
  • During outdoor physical activity, as long proper social distancing is maintained
  • While eating, drinking or smoking
  • When a licensed health provider has determined that a face covering causes or aggravates a health condition
  • When wearing a face covering would prevent the receipt of personal services
  • Residents under the age of two (2) years old
  • Any person who is unable to safely wear a face covering due to age, underlying health condition(s), or is unable to remove the face covering without the assistance of others is not required to wear a face-covering/mask.

Mayor Ingraham tells My East Point News that the response she’s gotten directly from the community has been quite positive, “I will say the feedback from the community has been ‘Thank you. We appreciate you prioritizing our safety. Thank you for doing all that you can.;”

Credit: Soccer in the Streets field in East Point has been barren since March

Violators are subject to a fine of up to $75. Fines can be imposed starting Monday, July 13.

For more information on this ordinance, visit the City of East Point website

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