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Why do we suffer from allergies in the fall?

Ragweed and mugwort are problems this time of year.

ATLANTA — ATLANTA—Fall allergy season may last longer than most thanks to 90-degree temperatures that have lingered into October.

It is not good news for anyone who suffers from a stuffed head and runny nose in the fall.

Atlanta is known for its beautiful spring flowers that fill the air with pollen, adding misery to an otherwise enjoyable time of year.

On the Why Guy Facebook page, 11Alive viewers write that the fall can be as bad or worse than the spring when it comes to allergies


It’s not as visible, but the air is still speckled with pollen in the autumn months.

Instead of flowers, it comes from weeds.

“There’s ragweed, there’s mugwort, there’s quite a few different other weeds out there that are pollinating,” says Dr. Lily Hwang of Atlanta Allergy and Asthma. “Ragweed is the majority of it.”

Mold is also a problem this time of year. It comes from the soil and leaves.

“We see that more in warm and humid climates as the leaves are falling and dying,” says Hwang.

Fall irritants usually peak in mid-September. Because of the warm weather, it hasn’t happened this year, meaning this allergy season may last beyond the end of October.

“Once you have symptoms, the over-the-counter medications don’t work as well,” says Dr. Hwang.

Certain trees pollinate this time of year.

If you’re allergic or even sensitive, you might find that your fall colors include a bright red nose.


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