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Remington gun maker may face lawsuit following Buffalo mass shooting

Remington settled a $73 million lawsuit earlier this year with the families of the Sandy Hook School shooting victims.

ATLANTA — The family of a Buffalo shooting victim may sue major gun manufacturer Remington, whose headquarters are expected to move to LaGrange, Georgia within four years.

The family has hired two lawyers who are investigating a potential lawsuit. One of them believed the AR-15-style weapon allegedly used in the massacre is designed for military and war, and he believes Remington should have taken more steps to make sure it didn't end up in the wrong hands. 

As lawyers build a case, funerals began this week for the 10 victims killed in what police call a racially-motivated attack.

An Atlanta-area attorney said the family may have a case, but it will likely be difficult to prove.

“Should this type of weapon be easily available to the common consumer? That is a legitimate debate," Atlanta lawyer Jeff Shiver said. 

The killer allegedly used a Remington Bushmaster in the shooting, which is a semi-automatic rifle. The family of victim Andre Mackneil has hired lawyers to help seek justice for his death.

Shiver, who said he supports the right to carry, added this is an argument that could have merit.

“Being someone who is in favor of allowing the public to have guns, I also believe that no guns that can shoot hundreds of rounds in a matter of seconds serve no real legitimate purpose to the general public," Shiver said. 

Atlanta civil trial lawyer Jeff Shiver said the possible lawsuit would be challenging, but it could lead to a huge financial settlement.

“It's likely that will be some form of foreseeable misuse by the user that it was it was known or should have been known by the manufacturer that these weapons were commonly used and readily available to people who would do things like this," Shiver said. 

Shiver said lawyers would also need to prove Remington didn't do enough to prevent the weapon from entering the market and into the hands of the shooter.

“It very well could be that this particular lawsuit is in part to recover damages but in part to make a statement," Shiver said.

If Mackneil's family decides to pursue to the legal challenge, it wouldn't be Remington's first.

The gun manufacturer settled a $73 million lawsuit earlier this year with the families of the Sandy Hook School shooting victims. 

11Alive reached out to Remington Saturday for comment. It said a response would be delayed, "due to an unusual level of activity."

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