COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- It's official: the Braves' new stadium and surrounding development will cost more than $1 billion.

A new security filing from Braves owners Liberty allots $672 million for SunTrust Park and $452 million for the surrounding mixed-use development. It adds up to a total cost of above $1.1 billion.

Meanwhile, those in Cobb County are focused on progress. New renderings and construction photos give a clearer vision of how the area all will look by 2017.

"When you can drive by and see where the actual field is gonna be, it's also a strong indicator that we're well on our way to getting this done," said Cobb County Commission chair Tim Lee.

The next price tag for discussion has fewer zeroes but just as much debate: a double-decker pedestrian bridge that would allow stadium access. Lee claims it will cost $ 9 million, none from the Braves.

Responds former county commission chair Bill Byrne, "Not a prayer in the world."

Byrne is one of many pointing to similar bridges that cost far more, but Lee held firm on his estimate.

"Is there any chance this bridge costs $20-30 million?" asked 11Alive's Matt Pearl.

Lee's response? "First of all, we don't have nearly enough information to make that conclusive, but I don't see it getting anywhere near that."