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Prosecution rests in Tex McIver trial; here is what's next

They took 16 days to present their case.

ATLANTA - The prosecution in the Tex McIver murder trial has rested. They took 16 days of trial to present their case. Now, it's defense team's turn to present their case.

The Atlanta attorney is accused of intentionally shooting his wife, Diane McIver, as they rode in an SUV in 2016. Now, after 16 days and nearly 70 witnesses, the prosecution told the judge on Tuesday they have proven their case after presenting their final three witnesses.

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On Tuesday, the medical examiner included how Diane died but the prosecution wanted to prove why.

In extensive testimony with Tex’s former public relations representative, the prosecution tried to prove Tex wanted to bribe the District Attorney. Jeff Dickerson testified Tex hired him because he knew the Fulton County District Attorney personally and Tex thought he would be able to get those charges against him dropped.

Dickerson told the court it is unheard of to offer money to an elected official and he would never have done that. Dickerson said he never approached the Fulton County District Attorney and that he and Tex established how much money Dickerson would be paid but Tex still asked him to do it.

“He said he would offer a bonus if I was able to make that happen,” Dickerson said in court. “[Tex] made it clear that he would be OK if I shared that with others.”

The defense asked the judge to dismiss the case, but he declined, saying there was enough evidence for the case to move forward.

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McIver is accused of intentionally killing his wife after the couple was riding in an SUV in midtown Atlanta in September in 2016. McIver was in the back seat behind his wife with a loaded handgun he says was in his lap.

Tex insists the gun fired on its own and killed his wife in what he called a "horrible accident." But prosecutors said he meant to kill her and lined up some 97 people on their witness list to lay out the case. Several of those people have already testified -- including police officers, hospital staff and the driver of the SUV.

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