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New developments in Yolanda Brown missing mom case | What we know

On Monday, authorities responded to a scene in Newton County where they discovered a body in a wrecked car along I-20.

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Covington mother, Yolanda Brown, has been missing for more than a week after leaving an Irish pub in Hapeville during the early hours of Saturday, Sept. 3.

On Monday, authorities responded to a scene in Newton County where they discovered a body in a wrecked car along I-20, and said their investigation of the scene was connected to the case.

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Here's the latest on what we know about the situation:

Latest developments on Yolanda Brown, missing Covington mom

  • The car discovered Monday is still under investigation: Sgt. Jack Redlinger of the Newton County Sheriff's Office said the car "has some similarities to Yolanda's vehicle," but authorities have not confirmed in fact yet that it was hers. "We're currently in the investigative stages now to see if that is the same vehicle," Redlinger said.
  • The body in the car has not been identified: Authorities provided no details regarding the body or what they might believe about the victim they discovered.
  • Davis Bozemen Law firm released a statement Tuesday on behalf of Brown's family: "The family would like to express their gratitude for the outpouring of community support and prayers during the search for their mother, sister, and friend, Yolanda Louise Brown. As they await official notice regarding the remains found in Newton County, they ask for privacy and prayers. They would also like to thank the law enforcement agencies involved in the search."
  • Brown has been missing more than a week: She was last seen leaving the Irish Bred Pub along Virginia Avenue in Hapeville on Sept. 3, according to her family.
  • Police in Hapeville believe she left the city on her own accord: Hapeville Police came to that conclusion through witness statements and surveillance video.
  • Her son said she never made it back home from what should have been about a 40-minute drive: The son, Joshua Doughty, told 11Alive's Cody Alcorn that her phone pinged in the Covington area. Law enforcement in Newton County never confirmed the ping but Hapeville Police said they had found "facts that placed her in her home county of Newton County."
  • The car discovered on Monday was found with the help of pings from cell towers: Sgt. Redlinger in the Newton County Sheriff's Office said, "We started a couple of days ago working eastbound and then working westbound and we located the vehicle today (Monday)."
  • The family suspected she met someone at the pub, leading to something bad happening: “She doesn’t meet strangers. She always wants to be someone’s friend," said Brown's sister, Mickie Nutall. "And, I’m 100 percent convinced that her friend-making is what led to her being missing right now.


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