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'That should wake them up': Radio host proposes TSA workers have mass sickout in Atlanta after Super Bowl

"You're going to have to impact something that they care about," the audio clip said.

As days continue to pass during the government shutdown and the Super Bowl gets closer - one of the things many people are discussing is if it will impact the people traveling to Atlanta for the big game.

The Super Bowl will be held Feb. 3 in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Hartsfield-Jackson is known as the busiest airport in the world. Some airlines haven added extra flights so Super Bowl fans can get to the city. 

But what one SiriusXM radio host is proposing could bring travelers worst nightmares into reality if it actually happened.

Joe Madison is proposing a mass sickout in Atlanta for the Monday after the Super Bowl. He tweeted the idea, saying this doesn't mean for people to interrupt the game, but it would make it impossible for those people to get back home.

"MAKE Congress and the President pay attention," he said.

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In another tweet with an audio clip, Madison said "Super Bowl Sunday should have a Super Sickout in Atlanta." 

He said he's suggesting this because he doesn't believe the Republicans and Democrats are going to move and change their minds.

"You're going to have to impact something that they care about," the audio clip said.

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"The leaders of our country aren't going to fix this right now," he tweeted. "That should wake them up."

TSA has already dispatched extra screeners ahead of Super Bowl 53. The agency reported that TSA screener sick-outs hit 10 percent over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend.  

Last week, Delta Air Lines said it pulled employees from all over the airport to help TSA agents with non-screening tasks like managing security lines and answering customer questions. 

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Senate leaders have agreed to vote this week on two competing proposals to end the government shutdown, including President Donald Trump's plan to have Congress pay for the long-stalled wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The other measure, from Democrats, would temporarily reopen the government through Feb. 8 while talks on border security continue.

Either package would need to hit the 60-vote threshold to advance on Thursday, a tall order in the narrowly divided Senate where Republicans hold a 53-47 majority. Trump's wall is the key sticking point in his standoff with Democrats that has led to a partial government shutdown. 


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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