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Loss prevention officer shot on the job, fired from Walmart months later

Brad Scurry had been trying to talk to an accused shoplifter when he was shot at the East Point Walmart last year.

EAST POINT, Ala. — Over the last year, a loss prevention officer has been recovering after he was shot by an accused shoplifter while working at the East Point Walmart.

Brad Scurry had been trying to talk to the accused shoplifter when he was shot. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery and said the bullet went through his arm, then his chest, and fragments of the bullet lacerated multiple organs.

Scurry survived and was able to go back to work. Many rooted for him for being brave enough to even go back to work after being shot. However, months later, the former National Guardsmen said he was taken aback when he was written up his first day back to work. 

"That was the beginning of the end I guess," he said. 

Scurry explained a manager accused him of not following the company's protocol when he was shot. He was later fired after he told a protester, who he said was antagonizing him outside the store to shut up. Scurry said he takes full responsibility but didn't think that it was a fireable offense. 

"I was there protecting Walmart's interest," Scurry said. 

He added while his medical bills were paid through worker's compensation and he received $17,000 making up for lost wages, he still needs to work to make ends meet; something he hasn't been able to do since he was fired. Now, he's at the brink of eviction. 

"Disposable, that's not something anyone wants to feel. I did everything above and beyond what I could do for you and you return my commitment with the bare minimum," he said. 

Scurry filed for unemployment and received a letter estimating what he could receive based on his wages, unless it was contested by his employer. He later received a letter denying his unemployment claim. 

"I didn’t want to leave Walmart. But, I thought maybe it was the universe telling me maybe I need to slow down," he said. 

11Alive reached out to Walmart but they declined to comment. 

According to jail records, the accused shooter and shoplifter Tyler Cortez Johnson remains behind bars. However, he was issued a $50,000 bond for the aggravated assault charge and bonds of $5,000 each for the lesser charges. He was a convicted felon at the time of the shooting and was not legally allowed to carry a firearm.

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