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Here's why you may be seeing these signs in Dunwoody

Groups for and against a $60 million bond referendum for Dunwoody parks are making voices heard.

DUNWOODY, Ga. — In just over a month, Dunwoody residents will head to the polls and decide if a $60 million bond referendum should go toward improving the city's parks and trails. Two groups who are passionate on both sides of the topic are using signs to make sure residents understand why.

Over the last week, signs have started to pop up throughout the city. Supporters of the measure are getting creative, using images of the character James Bond to attract attention. Dunwoody resident, Travis Reid says they decided to bring levity into the debate.

"It was just a good play on the words and advocating for the bond referendum," said Reid.

Opponents of the referendum, like Bob Hickey, say they're focusing their efforts on both signage and flyers.

“Our job is to inform the Dunwoody citizen of what’s going on," said Hickey.

It was earlier this year that the Dunwoody City Council voted 6 to 1 to put the referendum on the ballot for voters to decide. It would go toward improving parks like the space off Roberts Drive near Austin Elementary, as well as Homecoming Park on Vermack Drive, Waterford Park, and Brook Run Park. It would also go toward constructing trials along Village Crossroads, North Peachtree Road and Mount Vernon Road.

City officials say the bond would only cost homeowners a little more than $100 a year, but critics say it's the fact that the bond would be paid off over the new 20 years that is concerning.

“I’ve lived here 45 plus years. I have never been active in politics. I have no financial interest in the outcome of this election except for my grandkids," explained Hickey.

Both groups say they've distributed hundreds of signs and they plan to continue until November, all to create the future of Dunwoody that they've hoped for.

“It’s time to make the community catch up (with) the excellence of the people," Reid said.

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