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Two teens pulled from partially frozen lake, 1 now dead | Cobb County Police

A second teen who fell in is in stable condition, Cobb County Police said.

KENNESAW, Ga. — A teenager is dead after being pulled from a partially frozen lake in Kennesaw during a water rescue Wednesday evening.

Cobb County Fire said two 16-year-olds were on the lake, near Ellison Lakes Boulevard in Kennesaw, when both boys fell into the water.

A Kennesaw Police Department officer was able to rescue one of the teens, who fell through the ice, Cobb Fire said. 

Sherry Rosen who lives on the lake says she called 911 when she first saw the teens, "I was getting ready to go to dinner with a friend. I was backing out of my driveway, I looked over my shoulder and I saw one of the kids on the ice."

Rosen says there were dozen of police and fire vehicles when she arrived back home, "I thought, Oh, my God. My worst nightmare. What I was trying to prevent happened."

On Thursday, Cobb County Police announced that one of the victims had passed away. The other they said was in stable condition; however, there is no word on if he's being treated at the hospital.

At this time, names have not been released for either victim.

11Alive Skytracker flew over the scene around 6:30 p.m. where crews and a rescue boat were seen searching the water. Cobb Fire said Georgia State Patrol also helped with its helicopter during the nighttime water rescue.

Credit: Cobb Fire

Neighbors in the area said they heard screams and that's when they called 911. 

"Two boys in the water, one seemed to be holding onto the ice well. The other one, his head was going down and coming up,"  Allison Cerqueda recalled.

Cobb Fire said rescue crews were able to pull one of the teens from the water after he had been in there for at least 20 minutes. Crews pulled him out using inflatable rafts. Officials pegged the water to be as low as 28 degrees. 

"Cold injuries can occur, hypothermia can occur even when the core temperature drops just a variance of five degrees. It can have a tremendous impact on you," Nick Danz with Cobb Fire said. 

Danz said Cobb Fire has had more than 1,800 calls since the arctic blast set in late last week. However, this marks the first water rescue since then. 

"The outcome is unknown at this time. We're just trying to remind folks that even with these cold temperatures, you just can't trust any body of water," Danz said. 

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