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Hollywood activists call to #boycottGeorgia after Kemp's governor win

Now that Brian Kemp is officially Georgia's governor-elect, some are calling for a Hollywood boycott.

Now that Brian Kemp is officially governor-elect of the state of Georgia, reaction is coming in from across the country. 

While Washington Republicans like President Trump are celebrating the win, on the West Coast, Hollywood is reacting differently. 

Throughout her campaign democrat challenger Stacey Abrams had support from Hollywood heavyweights like Oprah WinfreyWill Ferrell and Uzo Aduba. 

Friday, Abrams held a press conference acknowledging her loss but said Brian Kemp’s win was strategic in disenfranchising voters that would have voted for her. The race was so close, coming within two percentage points. 

Abrams’ campaign highlighted constitutional problems in Georgia’s election system by winning lawsuits that meant votes that were thrown out had to be included. Now that she’s a private citizen, she said she will continue the fight to make sure every Georgia’s vote counts. 

Her supporters are saying Kemp stole the election using his influence over the election process as Secretary of State. Kemp denies these claims and resigned as Secretary of State after declaring victory. 

Celebrities are now saying they are going to boycott Georgia by refusing to the Hollywood of the South while Kemp is governor.  

Activist and actor Alyssa Milano asked on Twitter if the entertainment industry was willing to “the economy of a totally corrupt state that suppresses democracy.” 

There is also a #BoycottGeorgia hashtag where a debate is happening on Twitter asking whoa Hollywood boycott on Georgia would effect. User Joshua Villines said, “To be clear, #boycottgeorgia hurts deep blue Atlanta, and the deep blue people who make their living from the entertainment industry.” 

A reporter asked Kemp about the boycott during a news conference Monday when he announced his transition team.  

"I'm going to continue to protect the film tax credit," he said.

"I'm not worried about what some activist from Hollywood is saying about the election process in Georgia," Kemp said.

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Abrams sat down with 11Alive and said although she thinks the race was unfair she doesn’t want Georgia to stop growing and thriving.

I am first and foremost a Georgian. And my responsibility is to make sure no one denies opportunity to a hairdresser or a grip of a gaffer because of this. Because we want those people to not only have jobs in Georgia, but we want their votes to count Georgia,” she said to 11Alive’s Hope Ford. 

She said she’s encouraging her allies to “help me lift up the first of Fair Fight Georgia get more people engaged and involved and drive progress forward.” 

In a tweet sent Saturday night, Abrams asked that people “please do not #boycottgeorgia,” saying “ The hard-working Georgians who serve on crews & make a living here are not to blame. I promise: We will fight - and we will win.”