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9 shootings over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta leave 15 shot, 6 killed

There were 15 people confirmed shot, with six people dead.

ATLANTA — An already violent weekend continued to get worse as Saturday progressed to Sunday this Labor Day weekend.

15 people were shot and six people died due to gunshot wounds.

One of the victims was Harrison Olvey, 25.

His cousin, Brad Olvey feels crime has been going up.

 "It's happening over and over, right here, in this area," Brad said, "I've been here for almost 20 years. And it's getting worse."

 However, it hit home when his cousin was killed. Brad describes Harrison as a giver.

"Harrison was a really good kid," Brad continued, "If I had a son, I would want him, for sure." 

Harrison was working as a valet early Sunday morning when Atlanta Police say he was shot and killed while trying to stop a car break-in on Piedmont Road.

On Sunday night, APD released the images below of a "person of interest" tied to Olvey's murder.

"They've got no regard for life. You're going to shoot somebody over a vehicle?" Brad said.

Brad said young people need more direction.

"These people are just shooting people for nothing, over nothing," Brad said, "What are you going to get?"

 Olvey's death adds to a growing list of homicide victims over the weekend.

Labor Day weekend violence in Atlanta

• Sunday: A woman is in critical condition after she was shot during what police said was a drive-by shooting at a Shell gas station on Whitehall Road in Mechanicsville.

• Sunday: Three adults and two children were found shot at a home on Adkins Road. They're healing at the hospital. APD said the accused 18-year-old shooter, shot himself dead.

• Saturday: A valet was shot and killed on Piedmont Road in Buckhead after he was trying to stop an attempted car break-in.

• Saturday: An argument over an eviction led to one woman shot and killed on Margaret Place.

• Saturday: A man was gunned down and killed Saturday at an apartment complex on Magnolia Way.

• Saturday: One man shot dead on Fairburn Road.

• Saturday: One man was shot and killed on Norwood Road.

• Saturday: Two people were shot on Orlando Street.

Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said most of the shootings are domestic.

"We see a theme of anger, intimate relationships between individuals, and a gun has led to tragedy," Schierbaum said.

Schierbaum goes into more detail about this weekend's shootings.

"This weekend, we have seen two acquaintances in a fight. One shoots the other and dies. We made an arrest in that case," Schierbaum said, "We have seen an uncle kill a niece over unpaid rent when a gun is present. We made an arrest in that. We have seen two roommates in a fight or something occurred where drugs were involved—two roommates that went to college together. A gun was present. One killed the other. We made an arrest in that."

 Schierbaum said overall crime numbers are down though, adding that the department has been cracking down on gangs, guns, and drugs.

"We will continue to hold drug dealers accountable, gang members accountable, individuals that are running guns in our city, but we cannot be present in every living room," Schierbaum said.

Brad said somebody has got to put a stop to the ongoing violence.

"I don't know what to do about it, but something has to change," Brad said.

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