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'Zip tie guy' Jan. 6 defendant accused of violating bond conditions, prosecutors ask for alcohol ban

Eric Munchel, 30, is originally from Georgia.

ATLANTA — Eric Munchel, the Jan. 6 defendant known as "zip tie guy," violated the conditions of his release on bond prosecutors alleged in a filing this week.

They are now asking that he be transferred to the custody of his brother and banned from drinking any alcohol.

Munchel and his mother, Lisa Eisenhart, are accused by the government of entering the Capitol during the riots of Jan. 6 armed with a taser and plastic "zip tie" handcuffs. A judge said his "alleged conduct carried great potential for violence."

They were originally ordered to remain in detention until their trial, but an Appeals Court judge overturned that order and allowed them to be released on bond.

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According to prosecutors, since then Munchel had been living with GPS monitoring under house arrest "in the custody of a third-party custodian." He had been ordered not to use alcohol "excessively."

The court filing alleges he was evicted by the third-party custodian and violated his bond conditions with his "behavior leading up to the eviction."

Prosecutors are now asking for the custodianship to be transferred to his brother, Alex Munchel, and that the "Court modify the defendant's conditions of release and order that the defendant not use alcohol, at all."

The government, which withdrew its opposition to Munchel's pre-trial release after the Appeals Court decision, warned that if he violated his bond conditions again they would "move to revoke his pretrial release."

A judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has yet to rule on the government's request.

Munchel is one of at least 16 people from Georgia who have been charged in connection with the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol.

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